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NOW is proud to support:
No Man’s Library / La Biblioteca di Tutti

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NOW @ VIGNE MUSEUM – Architecture for nature 

19th May 2018





Every episode offers interviews, meetings, discussions and projects of artists and curators edited with sound bites from various origins.

NOW – New Operation Wave is an international operational network, the principal aim of which is cultural promotion starting by amplifying the confrontation between the various interpreters of the contemporary heralding from the relevant cultural poles.
NOW proposes the creation of self-managed work groups. The succession of NOW meetings guarantees the continuity of relations between participants and ensures the consolidation of the network. We are an open network collaborating with projects and ventures that bring together the same modalities of thinking and action.
Gathering various testimonies, we try to favour the creation of a complex vision. Being more aware in order to freely examine the contemporary.

Zerynthia opened its library to NOW at Via Conte Verde 15 in Rome, becoming a reference point for meetings and making the material of its sound archive and its library available.

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NOW Radio – Season 02

NOWRADIO#2/08 23/02/17 – 10.00 p.m.  CET

NOW RADIO E8 S2 lineare.jpg


Barbara talks with MIGUEL ISAZA, artist and philosopher, about his sound activity in Medellin and his project Uji.
SIMONE BERTUGNO presents to Sara his work Non Conference part of the festival Vorspiel Trasmediale 2017 in Berlin.
Francesca in conversation with PAOLO COTENI, artist of the 34th Sound Corner at Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome.
Lisa Andreani introduces the exhibition Mutatis Mutandis ? curated by her with Arianna Bertolotti at Palazzo Michiel, Venice.
Extracts from MACCHINE NOSTRE live-set at T-Trane in Perugia, with historical analog synths from Marche.

NOWRADIO#2/07 27/01/17 – 11.00 p.m.   28/01/17 – 11.00 a.m. CET



Soundscape of the exhibition I, Martyr by Darcey Bennett, curated by SOIL COLLECTIVE November 2016 in Brussels.

Barbara talks with OSCAR from Museo Casa de la Memoria (Medellín, Columbia) about the exhibition Laboratorio de Imaginario. Sound extract from the installation by CORPORACION PLATOHEDRO.

Karolina in conversation with LAURA BUCCELLATO e MASSIMO SCARINGELLA talking about the activities of Fundación Tres Pinos of Buenos Aires at MAXXI in Rome.

Sound extracts from the exhibition A CONSTELLATION OF MOMENTS: Sound Aesthetics in Abruzzo from the 90s to present time, hosted in Pollinaria and Museolaboratorio in Pescara, Italy

NOWRADIO#2/06 21/12/16 – 9.30 p.m. CET

episode 06 lineare.JPG


Let’s celebrate the Rebirth-Day 2016 with a special episode!
Sound extracts from:

il gesto, la parola, la forma: il Terzo Paradiso
from Galleria Nazionale and Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, April 2016 to Acquario Romano, December 2016 in Rome, curated by Michele Marinaccio

Terzo Paradiso: Visionidisuoni at Anfiteatro Severiano, “Orazi e Curiazi” organised by Saverio Teruzzi and Iole D’Agostino, curated by the composer Giorgio Battistelli, June 2016 in Albano Laziale

NOWRADIO#2/05 29/11/16 – 2 p.m. / 10 p.m. CET



KRIS MARTIN with Karolina at the Opening of his solo show Auguri at the Basilica of Santa Sabina in Rome

Giulia and Stefano talk with EVA FABBRIS about back to the future at Artissima Fair, Turin

Alessandro in conversation with Francesco from SBAGLIATO collective for the show Vertigine at Galleria Varsi, Rome

From We Gallery in Berlin, Sara interviews CLAUDIO GOBBI about his exhibition I Europae.

A rendez-vous with IDA-MARIE CORELL talking about music performance in art spaces by Barbara and some extracts from her live at the new Peninsula Project Space Berlin


SOUND-BITES selected by Luca Vitiello: NAUTICAL ALMANAC – Clump Clump / TANGERINE DREAM– Hyperborea / DJ EARL – SkylineSessions.TV 014 live set / OOIOO – Grow Sound Tree / PAULINE OLIVEROS – A Love Song / BURIAL HEX – Winter Dawn / ART OF NOISE – Close (to the Edit) / YELLOW SWANS – Limited Space

NOWRADIO#2/04 13/11/16 – 10 a.m / 3 p.m. / 9.30 p.m. CET




Extracts from Nu Sèm – Scopriamo l’Abruzzo giocando con l’Arte, curated by NOW in
Città Sant’Angelo and Montesilvano Colle. Artists play with the community.

ED FORNIELES introduces Truth Table, his first solo exhibition at Cura Basement, in Rome.

About the journey of FEDERICO NICOLAO and 8FÉVRIER collective around Italy during breakfast at RAM.

TOMMASO AUSILI with Carlo Gianferro talk about Jubilee People at MACRO Museum for the
XV edition of Fotografia, international festival in Rome.

Dora Stiefelmeier interviews XIMAN WANG about her video performance “B” in collaboration with Simone Valente, shown in Paliano.

A Skype interview about working community-specific with SGUARDO CONTEMPORANEO, starting from the performance La Pancia del Monte by Sara Basta at Quadraro.

NOWRADIO#2/03 23/10/16 – 10 a.m / 3 p.m. / 9.30 p.m. CET

now radio s2 e3 lineare.JPG


A failed attempt to interview BRIAN ENO and extracts from his compositions

Focus on: Talent Prize 2016 at Museo MACRO, Rome
GUIDO TALARICO introduces the Prize and this year’s jury
Extracts from Sparkling Matter by MATTEO NASINI, winner of the Talent Prize.
An interview about his winning artwork is part of NOW Radio Episode #20
Finalists explain their works:
about Summit, DOMENICO LATERZA about Dancer, LEONARDO PETRUCCI about 3586 Solar System

Extracts from the flash mob during the stop of La Montagne de Venise at Punta della Dogana
Instruments invented by CARLO SCARPA and SIMONE CARRARO, students from the workshop of La Montagne de Venise

and NOW from Peninsula, Berlin: sound extracts from Libero by NICO LIPPOLIS and GIOVANNI VERGA, from the album Foreign Presence in the System

NOWRADIO#2/02 09/10/16 – 10 a.m / 3 p.m. / 9.30 p.m. CET



La Montagne de Venise by YONA FRIEDMAN with JEAN-BAPTISTE DECAVÈLE, extract from the first meeting with
the students participating at the construction of La Montagne at Arsenale, Venice.

Focus on: Romaeuropa Festival 2016, DIGITALIFE at Macro Testaccio la Pelanda.
Introduction and interview with the curator RICHARD CASTELLI
FABRIZIO GRIFASI general and artistic director of Romaeuropa Foundation
NONE about DeepDream_ACT II

From Berlin, Peninsula presents the 5th appointment of SOLAR LOTTERY! “Minimax: the M-Game”. Sara interviews the artists ALESSIA PASTORE and PAOLO PUDDU

Betta at the opening of How can I explain myself, first solo show of SIMONE CAMARLENGO, a talk with the artist and friend

NOWRADIO#2/01 22/09/16 – 10 p.m. CET

NOW RADIO E1 S2 Lineare copia.jpg


“a very serious pic-nic” in No Man’s Land by Y. Friedman with J.B. Decavèle, some extracts from “forseory” and the “bamboo game”.
Tiziana Proietti, a telephone conversation with MAGDALENA KECK, architect and interior designer in New York.
ALVIN CURRAN, extract from TransDadaExpress concert for the festival “Roma Poesia, festival della parola“, curated by Simone Carella e Valentina Valentini on the 14th September.
Carla Capodimonti reports the meeting with NICOLA SAMORÌ, at CIAC, Italian Centre for Contemporary Art, in Foligno.

and NOW… Moscow!
KARINA KARAEVA talks about the “Video Focus”, annual international media art festival, at NCCA.
Conversation with ANASTASIA KOZACHENKO about the relation between art, contemporary and classical music, under the Monument to Alexander Pushkin.
RE CYCLE group exhibition “CODE 404” at Triumph Gallery, a conversation with the artists and KONSTANTIN ALYAVDIN.

NOW Radio – Season 01

square instagram now radio 20 celebration.jpg

NOWRADIO#1/20 21/07/16 – 10 p.m. CET

20 puntata lineare copia


Phone conversation with the composer CARLO CRIVELLI, about his upcoming concert at Swiss Institute in Rome
Interview with H. H. LIM about his exhibition “Silenzio ma non troppo” at GABA Macerata followed by a conversation
ALESSANDRO DANDINI explains the aim of Fondazione Malaspina
Extracts from “Light from the outside world”, concert of JEFF MILLS
CARLA CAPODIMONTI and FRANCESCA LILLI introduce “Why patterns?”, an exhibition project focused on sound in Abruzzo
Studio talk with MATTEO NASINI about his interdisciplinary research “Sparkling Matter” / sound extracts
A sound walk with FELICE LEVINI through the spaces of his show “Corpi Semplici II” at AuditoriumArte

NOWRADIO#1/19  30/06/16 – 10 p.m. CET

19 puntata lineare copia.jpg


Betta interviews PAMELA DIAMANTE at her first solo show at Rossmut Gallery in Rome about her experience in Cuba and the (im)possibility of communication between the artist and the world
Karolina talks with artist/architect BRYONY ROBERTS and dancer/choreographer MELISSA LOHMAN, during their performance “Corpo Estraneo” in Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome
“Ghenos Eros Thanatos e altri scritti sull’arte”, extract from the conference with ALBERTO BOATTO, STEFANO CHIODI and
Il d(ar)io del pronostico

NOWRADIO#1/18  23/06/16 – 10 p.m. CET

now radio 18 lineare


GIGI PROIETTI at Globe Theatre plays Il Lonfo, a metasemantic Poem for “I cieli di Roma”
GIAN MARIA TOSATTI with Francesca about “La Teoria della Relatività” at Zoozone Art Forum
FRANCESCA GENNA describes to Dario the art of a sustainable etching, her less toxic experience.
LORIS CECCHINI in a friendly conversation with Sara in his Berlin home-studio.
The War of the Words by INQUANTO TEATRO
Il d(ar)io del pronostico

NOWRADIO#1/17  16/06/16 – 10 p.m. CET

17 puntata lineare copia


Sara in conversation with ROBERTA COLETTO, art curator for Peninsula Association, about the exhibition “Solar Lottery / Elsewhere, again” in Berlin
Betta drinks a cappuccino with CHRISTIAN BREMS in Copenhagen talking about Hybrid Matters, a Nordic art&science network program and his work with Laura Beloff at Nikolaj Kunsthal
GERMANO SERAFINI and Karolina speak on the balcony of Interno14 about his last exhibitions and the passion for analog photography
Francesca and Dario talk with ELENA BELLANTONI and TERESA MACRÍ about “I give you my word, I give you my world”
Extracts from the same conference, with the participation of SILVANO MANGANARO
Il d(ar)io del pronostico

NOWRADIO#1/16  02/06/16 – 10 p.m. CET

16 puntata lineare


ELENA BIAGIOLI and the artists in residence present “Here”, at Cavallerizza, Turin
MATTEO BASILE’  “Pietra Santa” / GIOACCHINO PONTRELLI “Bedroom”, two exhibitions at MACRO, Rome
“TIME AND DETAILS” : hidden artworks in Carlo Scarpa’s places, Officina Zanon and Falegnameria Capovilla, Venice
NOW in conversation with KESTUTIS KUIZINAS, Director of CAC Vilnius, in a fluxus environment. AuditoriumArte, Rome

NOWRADIO#1/15  26/05/16 – 10 p.m. CET

now radio 15 linear copy


ESTHER FERRER performs  “El arte de la performance: teoría y práctica”  at Ex chiesa di Santa Caterina in Foligno. An interview with her by Francesca
Sara talks with LUCA VITONE in his Berlin studio about the relationship of art and different cities
MARIA GIUSEPPINA DI MONTE, Director of the Hendrik Christian Andersen Museum in Rome, describes her museum as a “Kunsthalle”
A conversation by Dario in the studio of MATTEO ROVESCIATO: “Aspettando il rimbalzo”

 NOWRADIO#1/14  19/05/16 – 10 p.m. CET

nowradio 14linear copia


Focus on : NO MAN’S LAND

During several months NOW has actively participated to the realization of  No Man’s Land and was glad to be present at its activation. You will listen to sounds and interviews captured during that day:
Mario Pieroni / Dora Stiefelmeier / Jean-Baptiste Decavèle / Cecilia Casorati / Elena Petruzzi / Lorenzo Benedetti / Domenico D’Orsogna / Norbert Palz / Roberto Sala / Paolo Aita / Donatella Landi / H.H. Lim  / Paride Petrei / and others…
We close with sound extracts from the poetry lecture by Mimosa Campironi:
Per un Ibisco (unpublished) by Anna Cascella Luciani.

Saturday May the 14th,2016

NOWRADIO#1/13  12/05/16 – 10 p.m. CET

now radio 13 linear copy.jpg


STEFANIA MIGLIORATI with Sara talking about “Out of Place_an ongoing archive”, in Berlin
Alessandro interviews ALTrove about the contemporary art situation in Catanzaro
Karolina talks with ANAHI ANGELA MARIOTTI and DANIELA COTIMBO at the opening of “Se non vedete segni o prodigi, non credete affatto” in Rome
Betta in conversation with the artists of ULTRASTUDIO, an artist run space in Pescara
Sound extracts from “Sense Sound/Sound Sense” at AuditoriumArte, Rome

NOWRADIO#1/12  05/05/16 – 10 p.m. CET

now radio12 copy lineare.jpg


MARC SPIEGLER global director of Art Basel, a short interview with Stefano and Giulia at Bocconi University, Milan
A coffee with Sara and PATRICK TUTTOFUOCO in a Berliner afternoon
A dinner with FRANCO MARROCCO, director of Brera Academy, and Karolina at Pieroni’s terrace
A two voices conference: PAOLO RICCI and ANNA ROCCIA SOUDAKOVA on the stage of NCCA, Moscow

NOWRADIO#1/11  28/04/16 – 10 p.m. CET

now radio 11 lineare


TRANSLOCALIA: a presentation of PROJECT_16 by the curators and the artists
Dario interviews PAOLO BUFALINI on Tripla and the happening “Evento1” in Bologna
WANG DU tells Francesca about the relation of everyday life and his art at ZooZone Art Forum, Roma
Sound Corner: ANNA CESTELLI GUIDI and ANTONI MUNTADAS in conversation with Barbara and Francesca
…a crazy evening of musical improvisation with Alvin Curran / Jon Rose / Amy Denio / Mike Cooper at Angelo Mai, Roma

NOWRADIO#1/10  21/04/16 – 10 p.m. CET

now radio 10 copy


FREDIANO BORTOLOTTI interviewed by Sara on DobiaLab collective
WILLIAM KENTRIDGE and CAROLYN CHRISTOV-BAKARGIEV a conversation from A to Z at the British School in Rome.
“What is NOW?”. The artist replies.
Sound extracts from
 DobiArtEventi2016 Festival at Tatwerk, Berlin

NOWRADIO#1/09  14/04/16 – 10 p.m. CET

now radio 9 linear copy


NOW special MiArt : Stefano, Dario with the participation of Lucia Bricco meet:
, Palermo

Interview to GIULIA RESTIFO about the magazine That’s Contemporary
STUDIO GUENZANI, ALBERTA ROMANO tells us the artwork of Stefano Arienti in the Decades section
CAR DRDE art gallery, Bologna
SPAZIO A art gallery, Pistoia

GULIA & KAROLINA LUSIKOVA, “Utopie elettriche”, mom and daughter interviewed by Dario

“Disegno/Idea”, a collective show with Adelaide Cioni, Elena Gravisch, Juliane Schmidt, Alexandra Wolframm e DIANA LEGEL, interviewed by Dario

NOWRADIO#1/08  31/03/16 – 10 p.m. CET



DONATELLA LANDI a Berlin talk with Sara Aloisi
: a sound route in everyday life of NOW network: Bruxelles-Shanghai-Moscow – Rome-Berlin-Milan-Antwerp
extract from Plan de Paris – itinerario n°13 by Donatella Landi

NOWRADIO#1/07  24/03/16 – 10 p.m. CET

7 now radio banda copia copy


ARNOLDO MOSCA MONDADORI and DANIELE PIERONI interviewed by Karolina in occasion of the World Poetry Day
Quincaillerie “il sottoscala di studi festival 2016” curated by Patrizia Emma Scialpi and Flavio Scutti. An interview with PATRIZIA EMMA SCIALPI by OUT44
“Greenit” by SIMONE CAMETTI. Exhibition visit and conversation with the author by Dario and Barbara
TIFFANY NORWOOD, a speech on the entrepreneurial reality followed by Francesca e Francesca

 NOWRADIO#1/06  10/03/16 – 10 p.m. CET

sesta puntata banda


ADELAIDE CIONI and FABIO GIORGI ALBERTI about the Language. A mutual conceived by Dario.
Presentation of momentum, an editorial project. GIANANDREA POLETTA and
CORNELIA LAUF with Barbara.
, and LUCA VALERIO talk to Francesca about the realisation of the exhibition etranger#1, in Pescara.
LINA GHIBELLI explain Anakoinosis, an innovative cancer cure approach, and speak about interdisciplinary communication, art and science, by Karolina.
La bomba lenta. FIORENZO MADONNA
reads a short story written by GIULIA CAMINITO. Pondering on NOW reflections.

NOWRADIO#1/05  03/03/16 – 10 p.m. CET

quinta puntata banda


RAIMUND HOGHE explains to Barbara about the importance, like Maria Callas said, of Keep on Going.
With IULIA GHITA and CRISTIAN STANESCU, a preview of Latte, opening at La Nube di Oort this night.
OUT44 talks with…XU BING, now at the Triennale in Milan with Worlds of Words/ Goods of Gods.
interviewed by Dario and Francesca on FAIG AHMED‘s exhibition Points of Perception, at MACRO Testaccio.

NOWRADIO#1/04  25/02/16 – 10 p.m. CET
now radio 4 banda


Mustafa Sabbagh a Skype talk about art, architecture and spirituality with Karolina

NOW SPECIAL Alghero – The city we need: open for art – UN Habitat Urban Thinkers Campus
Giovanni Campus
and Nađa Beretić (UNISS) – Why Urban Thinkers Campus?
Pietro Garau (INU) – About Habitat
Darko Radivić (Keio University Tokyo) – on interdisciplinary collaboration
NOW asks, Orizzontale replies – how do you recognize an architect?
Alessandra Donati (NABA) – Italian laws on public art
Alessandro Floris about Stalker Group and torre Esulis
Compte-rendu by Dario and Francesca

NOWRADIO#1/03  18/02/16 – 10 p.m. CET

now radio 3 banda


GERMANO CELANT presents the Floating Piers by CHRISTO and gives some advice to Francesca Lilli
BIANCO VALENTE on travels and constellations by Karolina
Private conversations. A phone call with Lucia Bricco by Dario Agati
Extracts from PHILIPPE PARRENO exhibition Hypotesis at Hangar Bicocca. A promenade by Francesca Lilli

NOWRADIO#1/02  11/02/16 – 10 p.m. CET

nowradio2 linea.jpg

JIMMIE DURHAM introduces the exhibition “Sound and Silliness” at MAXXI, a conversation by Barbara Nardacchione
LORENZO BENEDETTI an interview for three voices with Barbara and Karolina
NOW RECIPES Sara and the omelette
JEAN-BAPTISTE DECAVÈLE  extracts from the conference in   Pescara on “No Man’s Land” by
THE CITY WE NEED Principles for a New Urban Paradigm …on the way to Alghero, 18-20 February, 2016.
JIMMIE DURHAM “Domestic glass meets wild glass” (RAM radioartemobile – 2006)

NOWRADIO#1/01 04/02/2016 – 10 p.m. CET

radio1 copylinea.jpg


HANS ULRICH OBRIST – An interview curated by Karolina Liusikova
PLAYING WITH THE WORDS NOW’s meeting October 2015
DARCEY BENNETT Projects in Antwerp, ideas for NOW
MYRIAM LAPLANTE Presents the exhibition by Roberto de Simone, I’ll Do my Best to Paint the Winds Green /